Here are some kind words from some of my customers:

"I can personally recommend Faye as giving the best massages I've had. What's even better is that she can tailor it to your needs, such as working on my atrocious flexibility." Heath Buck

"Faye has an instinctive approach to massage and Reiki. After each session, I come away more relaxed and refreshed and look forward to my next treatment. She really takes time to understand how her clients feel and what they need - A natural holistic therapist!" Cathy Hall

"I have had several Reiki healings with Faye and both times felt an immediate benefit. Much calmer, relaxed and grounded. Faye has integrity and is a naturally caring person who is well suited to helping people." Ann Sharman

'Faye's massages are lovely and relaxing - she has just the right level of friendly chat and allowing you to drift off to put you completely at ease. I was a bit of a massage novice before I went to Faye, but really enjoy the hour of 'me' time that a full-body massage gives you! I went in feeling hectic and drab and came out feeling relaxed and glowing. Definitely recommended! Kate Parker

Faye's massages has become a monthly 'must-have'. Whether I'm stressed, tired or just fancy a bit of indulgent pampering, Faye is able to relieve and revitalise. Both her Reiki and Holistic Massage are incredible and instil the deepest sense of calm and rest. I would gladly recommend her time and time again. Julia Hatch

"Faye is a magical and wondrous healer, one who is truly talented and rid me of my bloated stomach in a matter of minutes,I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to experience a cosmic sensation to their belly." Lady Sophie-Therese Camille

"Reiki was a very relaxing and yet bizarrely energising experience - hard to describe - but good!" Louise Carter

"My neck hurt, then it didn't...." Rowan Haylett